Is it worth hiring a business coach?

Who hires a business coach and why?

People hire a business coach for different reasons, and you may be surprised to learn that they are not necessarily self-employed. There is a common misconception that only business owners hire business coaches, but I can dispel that myth based on the many varied clients I have worked with in a coaching capacity.

In my experience, people who benefit from the insight and guidance of a business coach, besides business owners, are executives who are employed and don’t run their own businesses, people who would like to set up a business for the first time but don’t know where to start and people who run charities and need help growing the charity.

Another reason to hire a business coach is to develop or perfect leadership skills. People in this situation often need management coaching or help to motivate their team.

Other clients I work with face multiple opportunities and need guidance on which is best for them, personally or professionally. They may even be looking for an exit strategy from their already successful business. An experienced business coach who listens and offers impartial, expert advice can help solve all these business-related problems.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of reasons for hiring a business coach:

  • Grow a business
  • Take a business in a new direction
  • Management coaching
  • Start a business for the first time
  • Been made redundant
  • Running a charity

What value can a business coach add?

A business coach can add tremendous value to a business or organisation by identifying problems that are holding it back and asking the business owner or client what they want their business or organisation to achieve. Once the client has worked out what success looks like to them, their business coach can help them create a roadmap for success with measurable, manageable milestones and a clear action plan.

One of the most valuable ways a business coach makes a difference is by helping their client look at their business with a fresh pair of eyes and teach them how they can improve their current situation and why it is essential to take certain steps and decisions to move forward.

This is of enormous value to business owners who feel stuck in some way and feel like they keep going around in circles and cannot progress without making significant changes. A good business coach will question their client’s mindset and behaviour and challenge them to take a different approach.

Here is an example of what I charge as an experienced, successful business coach to add value to your business: pricing

How to get the best ROI from a business coach

Ensuring you get the maximum return on investment from your business coach is essential and can only be achieved by having the right attitude. The best results I have seen over the years come from working with ambitious clients who are willing to change, put the necessary work in to effect change, and leave their comfort zone. They usually feel stuck in some way and looking for a way forward, or at a crossroads and unsure which direction to take their business in.

If you have the attributes above, you will find it hugely beneficial to work with a business coach who can help you get out of a rut and get back on track. However, if you are unwilling to put in the work and change your mindset or lack ambition, you cannot expect the desired results. A business coach can’t simply wave a magic wand and fix your business, but they can work as a trusted guide and silent partner to help you take your business where you want it to go.

The power of mutual listening

In every interaction we have, it’s vital to listen and be listened to, and the same applies to business coaching. Hiring a business coach with excellent listening skills who can craft a bespoke solution that fits your personal and business aspirations is critical to success. Some business coaches offer a templated solution believing that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach is appropriate for all businesses, but this is an exercise in failure. Just as we are all unique, so are the challenges we face.

A business coach who can listen carefully to what you want out of your business will pay off handsomely in the long run and provide the best return on investment. However, it is crucial that you listen to the advice and recommendations made by your business coach and implement the action plan agreed upon in your coaching sessions.

How will I feel after hiring a business coach?

A good business coach will be worth the investment and, over time, should become self-funding due to the extra revenue they help you create. If you have the right attitude and are willing to listen and change your behaviour and banish negative thought processes and false and self-limiting beliefs, you will find that hiring a business coach is the best decision ever made.

As a result of hiring the right business coach, you can expect to feel more:

  • Motivated
  • Confident
  • In control
  • Focussed
  • Excited
  • Empowered
  • Ambitious
  • Supported
  • Driven
  • Relieved
  • Listened to

So, what are you waiting for?

If you’ve been considering hiring a business coach for some time but keep finding an excuse to put it off, then now is the time to take action. Without a fresh pair of eyes, how can you expect a different result? The best way to find out if a business coach can help you is to book a free discovery call and see if you are a good fit for each other.

I have over 50 positive reviews on my website from satisfied clients whom I have helped to achieve their business goals. Book a discovery call with me today and find out how I can help you achieve yours. You can book a free discovery call with me here: book a discovery call

About the author

Jason Cornes is unusual in that he has never had a ‘job’ as he has always been self-employed or run his own business. This experience puts him in the perfect position to advise others on the pitfalls to avoid and steps to take to succeed when running their own business. During his working life, he has survived various economic scenarios, from recessions to booms and understands how to navigate challenging times. Jason’s extensive and varied experience is backed up by appropriate business qualifications, which include a Diploma in Management Studies (DMS) and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) complemented by five years of psychotherapy and counselling training.

Jason knows what it feels like to be stuck in your business and is very skilled at helping other entrepreneurs, from the self-employed to owners and directors of limited companies, to overcome a sticking point that they have arrived at. His current and previous clients include Architects, Accountants and Tax Advisors, Web Designers, Solicitors, Doctors, IT Professionals, Teachers, Trainers and Consultants. He has been adding value to a variety of businesses since 2017. He works with more than 30 clients concurrently by providing tailor-made, results-driven coaching and mentoring services in the business and executive sector.

“I have been working with Jason Cornes for the last 5 months and have seen amazing results. Jason has been able to understand my business and identify opportunities to improve what we already do and find new ways to grow and expand. Since working with Jason we have employed another full time staff member, added new services and increased profitability on our existing work. I feel so much more in control and confident about the future. I have no hesitation recommending Jason and I look forward to continuing to use his business coaching services long term.”

Mike Sherwood. Fresh Online Ltd

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