The Strengths and Weaknesses of being an Extravert

Understanding our personality type can be incredibly valuable for personal growth and development. It allows us to understand why we prefer to do things a certain way and how we can think and behave differently to achieve different results. The spectrum of introversion and extraversion is one way to categorize personality types, and here are some strengths and weaknesses of an extraverted personality, from Jason’s perspective, who recently scored 90% introverted in a test. Jason is a business coach who works with small business owner clients, many of whom are extraverts.

What is an extravert?

An extravert is a person who tends to be outgoing, social, and expressive. They are energized by external stimuli and tend to thrive in social situations. Extraverts tend to be talkative, assertive, and confident, and are often seen as natural leaders.

They enjoy being around people and can easily strike up conversations with strangers. Extraverts also tend to be adaptable and can quickly pivot when plans change.

They are comfortable in the spotlight and are not afraid to speak up and share their ideas. Overall, extraverts tend to be energized by being around others and are skilled at building and maintaining relationships.


Outgoing & sociable.

Extraverts thrive in social situations and can easily strike up conversations with anyone. They love meeting new people and are energized by being around others.

Confident & assertive.

Extraverts tend to be comfortable in the spotlight and are not afraid to speak up and share their ideas. They are often seen as natural leaders who can inspire and motivate those around them.

Good at multitasking.

Extraverts are able to juggle multiple tasks and responsibilities at once without feeling overwhelmed. They are adaptable and can quickly pivot when plans change.

Energized by external stimulation.

Extraverts thrive in environments with lots of activity and noise. They are energized by external stimulation and can be highly productive in busy settings.

Easy to get to know.

Extraverts are outgoing and friendly, which makes them easy to get to know. They are often seen as approachable and welcoming.

Think on their feet.

Extraverts are quick thinkers who can produce ideas and solutions on the spot. They are comfortable and enjoy thinking aloud and bouncing ideas off of others.

Good at building relationships.

Extraverts excel at building and maintaining relationships. They are skilled at reading others and can adjust their communication style to suit the person with whom they are interacting.


Can be impulsive.

Extraverts can be impulsive and act without thinking things through. They may say things they regret or make decisions that are not in their best interest.

Need external validation.

Extraverts can be overly reliant on external validation and may struggle with self-doubt. They may seek constant reassurance from others and struggle to feel confident in their own abilities.

Can be overbearing.

Extraverts can be overpowering in social situations and may dominate conversations. They may struggle to listen to others and can come across as self-centred.

May struggle with deep reflection.

Extraverts may struggle with deep reflection and introspection. They may not take the time to reflect on their actions or emotions, which can lead to emotional issues or burnout.

May struggle with focused work.

Extraverts can struggle with tasks that require intense focus and concentration. They may become distracted easily and struggle to stay on task.

Can be insensitive.

Extraverts may not always be aware of the impact of their words or actions on others. They may come across as insensitive or dismissive of others’ feelings.

May struggle being alone.

Extraverts often struggle with spending time alone and may feel bored or restless without external stimulation. They may struggle to recharge their batteries without social interaction.

I hope this blog has helped you to understand a little more about being an extravert. If you are a small business owner, whatever your personality type, and would like to meet Jason and find out more about business coaching then please book a free discovery call 

About the author

Jason Cornes is a business coach who has been studying personality for many years and is himself a high scoring introvert. A seasoned entrepreneur with a history of building successful businesses over nearly four decades. He has never worked for anyone else and has navigated the challenges of running a business in various economic conditions. Drawing from his extensive business expertise, Jason now shares his insights with clients to help them avoid common mistakes and succeed in their ventures.

With a Diploma in Management Studies, a Master’s in Business Administration, and five years studying counselling and psychotherapy, Jason possesses a rare blend of analytical and people skills. He is an expert in active listening and empathy, and his experience overcoming obstacles on his entrepreneurial journey makes him uniquely qualified to guide other business owners.

Jason specialises in coaching sole decision-makers of any personality type, who run small businesses in any industry, from self-employed professionals to Directors of Limited Companies, whether or not they have employees. His clients include architects, accountants, web designers, solicitors, doctors, IT professionals, teachers, trainers, and consultants. Jason has been a full-time business coach since 2017, helping entrepreneurs succeed and thrive.

“Jason is a breath of fresh air and an incredibly talented business coach. If you are looking for someone to inspire you and help you to see how you can grow both your self-confidence and business, then look no further. I have had many business coaches that work to a model that has never quite suited me or my business, but Jason is different he adapts his expertise and meets you exactly where he makes the most impact. Highly Recommended.”

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