Your Hidden Business Partner.  Specialist Business Advice & Mentoring Services for the Self-Employed and Small Business Owners.

I offer business advice to the owners of small businesses, the self-employed and entrepreneurs of all types.  If you’ve transitioned from being employed to self-employed, or to running your own small limited company I have two words to say to you: Well Done.

In my opinion, renouncing a regular salary in favour of a much more unpredictable income stream takes courage. Why? Because unless you have millions in the bank, real life gets in the way.  Without a doubt, you’ve got bills to pay. You have a family who rely on you.  Realistically, it can be quite daunting.

On the other hand, you’re now your own boss. Maybe, if you have employees, you’re also THE boss. And, you’re doing something you’re good at.  Would you appreciate some good business advice?

Business Advice

The problem?  It’s lonely at the top.  The solution: your hidden business partner.

If you feel that you would benefit from the support of a  mentor, I can help. I offer a hidden business partner service that could make a real difference. With a different way of doing things, you could see an immediate improvement your turnover or your business processes.

How does a hidden business partner service work?

With a discreet presence in your business, I’ll observe how you do things.

You may wish to share my presence with others, or not – the choice is yours.  Essentially, use me as your sounding board; your unbiased, experienced authority on the myriad decisions you make during your day.

So, what would work best? What are the pros and cons of…? What would happen if I…?

To be honest, my role isn’t to tell you what to do. You don’t run your own business to have a boss.  However, I can offer you my opinion, make suggestions, even play devil’s advocate.

Together, we’ll arrive at a conclusion, or tweak a particular idea. Then, it’s an action point for you. Probably more than one action point. Several, in fact.  The main benefit?  With good business advice and your engagement, you could see the results almost instantly.  In a nutshell, small, effective differences could be the compound effect you need along the path to greater success.

Am I the solution to all your problems in business? Apologies, but no. I’m not a consultant. Mentoring is about empowering you as a business owner. It’s potent stuff, and it works.

Great business advice that you can put into action is worth its weight (if it weighed anything) in gold.  If you’d like to learn more about my hidden business partner service, contact me and let’s get started.