Business and Life Coach

What makes me different?

If you’re searching for a business and life coach, I feel confident that you’ve found what you need right here, right now.

My mission is clear: I want to be your problem-solver of choice.  My ultimate goal is to empower you to be successful in life and in business. We all have one life.  Why not make it an excellent one?

Here’s how I think I stand out in a crowded market

Business and Life Coach – my background

Unlike many business mentors who’ve moved away from long-term, full-time employment straight into business mentoring , I’ve had an extensive career as a business owner.  To be honest, I’ve never had what most people would think of as a “job”.

Over 30 years’ experience has given me a broad and widespread understanding of how business works.  I’ve made all the mistakes in the world so that you don’t have to.  You can read more about me here…

My training

I have a post-graduate Diploma in Management Studies, which started me off in business all those years ago offering me valuable, strategic learning and helped me hone my skills in business.

Also, I’m curious and love to learn.  I have a lifetime of different qualifications, courses, reading and home study that underpin my work.

With five years’ counselling and psychology training, I’m quite rare – or so I’m told.  I recognise the human being behind the business person.  Empathy, understanding and a non-judgemental approach govern every aspect of my work as a business and life coach.

My listening skills

I’m a very good listener. Many clients tell me that it’s been years since anyone has heard them properly.  Why?  Because no one has listened. Until now, that is.

My customised approach

Not a tick-box in sight.  I take the view that there’s no single “right” way to mentor someone in business.  What I can offer you is a totally bespoke business mentoring programme.  This is mentoring that’s adapted entirely to your needs, your lifestyle and your personality.

Each session will flow naturally, based on what we uncover, what you believe to be true about your business (which may not be true) and what you’re hoping to achieve. The results are faster, more effective and longer lasting.

My attention to detail

My early preparation is the key to your success.

Before we meet, you can rest assured that I will know as much as possible about your business, your industry sector and your competitors. We’re already half way there.

OK, let’s go

Would YOU like to earn more money, work fewer hours, achieve more, or reach that all-important work-life balance?  Welcome to the rest of your life. My name is Jason Cornes and I’m looking forward to working with you. Contact me today for more information.

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