Business Coaching – Single One-Off Sessions

Business Coaching

Are you looking for a one-off business coaching session? Not sure if business coaching and mentoring is for you.  Maybe you’re looking to “try before you buy”. I’m an experienced Business Mentor and I offer one-off problem busting sessions throughout London, Surrey, East and West Sussex to support busy self-employed and small business owners.

Where are you?

If you’re in bonny Brighton, handsome Hastings, enchanting Eastbourne, Uckfield, Guildford, (sorry, running out of adjectives), let’s talk. Or, if you’re outside the South and South East, I can support you via Skype, Zoom or even the old-fashioned telephone.

How are you?

Life can be tough sometimes. You may feel isolated and unable to reach out for advice or help. Or, perhaps you’re at a crossroads in your business or personal life and need to make some big decisions.

Business coaching can be highly effective, not just something that’s a bit useful.  Single mentoring sessions are highly-focused one and a half-hour one-to-one meetings that will uncover what’s not working.  It could be a business issue, challenges with your job or something more personal.  At the end of the session, you’ll feel empowered and armed for action with your personalised plan.

What could be better than that?

Can I wave a magic wand? No, I can’t do that, it needs to come from within you.  However, sometimes just tweaking your focus or changing your mindset could be just what you need.

What happens during a problem buster session?

I’ll ask you plenty of open questions about your current situation and what your best-case outcome will be.

These what, when, how and where-type questions will be important, so open up as much as you can. Remember, I’m not judging you and everything is totally confidential.

My skills lie in being able to see things from several different points of view and whilst I never tell you what to do, I can suggest tactics, or put forward several what-if scenarios to help you see the bigger picture.

Boom. At the end of your 1.5-hour session, you’ll have a take-away list of actions. Putting them into operation is up to you. Remember, you’re in charge of your own destiny.

Benefits of a problem-buster session

These one-off mentoring sessions are a great way for you to try out my services. With no commitment or longer-term programme, the results could be powerful.

Also, they’re affordable and low-risk. And they could be ad-hoc at intervals throughout the year. Why not try a problem-buster session? It could be the best thing you ever did.

Contact me via this website or text me on 07842 339 639.