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Business Mentoring and Executive Coaching

Let’s face it - business is full of challenges.

There’s so much to contend with - from sales to marketing, customer service, maintaining profitability, scaling and growth, huge levels of stress, whacks to your self-confidence, risk, and everything else in between.

With so many plates spinning at once, alongside of course doing the job you’re paid to do, is it any wonder that sometimes those plates come crashing down?

I believe you deserve better, which is where my business mentoring and executive coaching comes into play - supporting you before everything gets too much.

From London to Brighton and Surrey to Sussex, I’ve helped hundreds of business owners, leaders and executives think differently, do things differently, and be more productive and happy in their work.

By combining my business qualifications (DMS & MBA), 5 years of counselling and psychotherapy training (Person Centred and Transactional Analysis) and getting on for four decades in the business world, I can work with you to align your small business, career and personal goals to help you get to where you want to be.

My background

  • 35+ years in business, in fact - I’ve never had a job. I’ve been self-employed and owned businesses since my teens, so I’ve done it all, made plenty of mistakes so you don’t have to and learned a lot. I’ll share my many successes with you too.

  • I can see and have experienced both sides of the entrepreneurial world, from being self-employed in the trades services, to offering professional services to individuals and businesses.

  • Five year’s training in counselling and psychotherapy taught me how to listen! I’ll help you understand your personality and why you run your business in the way that you do, how you see the world, and provide insights into how we can maximise your strengths and what’s holding you back from making tough decisions.

  • I’ve been busy delivering bespoke mentoring and coaching since 2017. I currently work with about 30 different clients at any one time from a broad range of small businesses or occupations.

Russ Deacon Home Improvements.

"We have been working with Jason for nearly 2 years and although we have been in business for many years and think you are going along ok, he pushed us out of our comfort zones, made us question some of our processes as when you have been in business for a long time you do get set in your ways. To rethink how to promote our business, and encouraged us to focus more on the behind the scenes tasks so that we have a clearer idea where our business is going in the years ahead. We enjoy our meetings with Jason and would recommend Jason to any business large or small."

Clare Payne. Social Bee Social Media.

"I would recommend Jason’s Business coaching without hesitation! He has helped us change our whole mentality and see things in a completely different way. Jason has helped us start to gain the financial intelligence we never had. With his advice we have finally started to outsource the jobs that we were being bogged down with, giving us time to do the things we should be doing. If you are serious about changing your business from the hobby it started out as in to the serious business you want it to be, speaking with Jason could just be the game changer you need! Thank you Jason!"

So how can I help you?

My clients come to me because...

They’re either totally committed to action, success and growth, in which case, I show them how to get there quicker, with less stress and fewer risks.

Or they find themselves stuck in a rut, held back with confidence issues or worry, unsure of their next steps - in which case, I help them overcome these issues to take positive, decisive action.

Let’s get the ball rolling, let me know which category you fall in by scheduling a free discovery call below.

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