It can be lonely as a small business owner

Having been self-employed for over 30 years I know how lonely and even isolated you can feel. Have you experienced this too?

Friends and family can be very supportive but there is a limit to how patiently they will listen to ‘business talk’ They also have a tendency to tell us what we want to hear and always give positive rather than realistic feedback.

It’s often unhelpful or inappropriate to share with colleagues, clients, employees, suppliers especially as you need to be seen as The Boss , not to mention the damage that can be caused by sharing too much. We all know that feeling when we have got something off our chest to a colleague or employee for example and then later wished we hadn’t.

So having experienced all the ups and downs of being in business, I now offer my services as a Business Mentor and Coach to provide a safe, confidential, non-judgemental supportive space to listen, be a sounding board and offer all the ongoing support, guidance, advice and encouragement that is so valuable when you run your own business.


Starting up, running and managing your business is difficult and all entrepreneurs without exception face many challenges as a part of the journey. One benefit is that I listen to the struggles of business owners all day every day and so have a unique insight into what may and may not work in your particular situation.

You are not alone and many business owners go through the same types of struggles. Hearing first-hand about my personal business journey can help you realize that the challenges you are going through now will prepare you to be a better businessperson and leader in the future.


Family members, friends and the people you meet when you walk the dog are all keen to give advice, however this is usually given from their own perspective and bias with some kind of personal agenda however well the intention may be. While some of their advice may be sound, a Business Mentor is independent and focused on your success. I will help you sort out ‘the wheat from the chaff’ and make decisions on the everyday and more complicated business matters that I will probably have experienced myself at some time in my career.

Walked the walk.

It is invaluable to get an outside perspective from someone who has ‘Walked the Walk’ and has an intimate knowledge of how small business works. Many small business owners try to get that information from business books and classes. I have enjoyed reading many myself. Whilst these can be helpful they are complimentary to business mentoring rather than a replacement.

In a business mentoring relationship, a seasoned business owner meets with their client one-on-one to explore and set goals, overcome challenges, boost morale and share all the ups and downs of running a business based upon real life experience rather than using theory from a book.


We all get very close to our own business and for that reason we do not notice things that outside experienced eyes can see. As a business mentor I look at problems and situations from perspectives that you may not have thought of on your own.

For example you may have trouble looking at your business through the eyes of a customer, potential investor or government official. Having dealt with these people often over many years, I can help you understand how your business will look to these individuals and suggest tweaks, changes and improvements.


Owning a business is stressful and frustrating at times. In order to stay sane you’ll need to let off steam vent with someone you trust. Business owners cannot vent to their partners, employees or customers without causing some instability in the structure of the business. However, once you have vented to me, you’ll feel better and we can start the process of working to solve the cause of your frustration.

For example, if lazy employees are plaguing your business, you may need to ‘let it all out’ before you can think positively enough about the employees in order to develop a plan to motivate them.


If you need another business service I can put you in touch with a networking contact or client who can help you make your business more successful. I am out business networking several times every week and have many useful contacts. I have a large bank of clients from a wide range of occupations.

I recently introduced an architect client to another client with a busy building firm doing conversions, extensions and renovations. A perfect match of services for cross referral and helps both clients with what will hopefully be ‘A match made in heaven’

A Long-Lasting Relationship

Some Business Mentoring relationships with my clients last for one ‘Problem Buster Session’  where there is a specific challenge or single issue to overcome. However it’s all about relationship and many clients engage my services as a ‘No risk business partner’ without any shareholding or profit share or other ‘tie in’ to the company.

This gives the consistency and resources the client needs to maintain a successful business ongoing with someone who has an in-depth understanding of them and their business.

Jason Cornes.

Business Mentor and Life Coach.

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