Should a New York Business Owner Work with a London Business Coach?

In the bustling environment of New York, where competition is always fierce and the pace never slows, having a coach who brings the opportunity to ‘slow down’ and work on your business rather than in it, can be a huge game-changer. Despite the geographical distance, a London-based coach ‘across the pond’ can offer unique insights and strategies that enhance the business approach of a New York entrepreneur.

Fresh Perspectives 

New York is a hub of business ideas, a trait shared with London, one of the world’s other great business hotspots. A London business coach brings a global perspective that is invaluable to business operations. They can provide insights into market trends, consumer behaviour, and innovative business strategies used outside of New York and around the world. For a New York business owner, this perspective can be particularly beneficial when looking to expand internationally or when trying to stand out and differentiate yourself in a crowded market.

Different Approaches 

London and New York, while both are bustling environments known for their innovation, have distinct business cultures. A coach from London can introduce alternative ideas, management styles, marketing tactics, and growth strategies that are not as commonly used in New York’s business landscape. This can be particularly advantageous in industries where differentiation is key to success and growth.

Access to a Broad Network

Working with a London-based business coach can extend your professional network beyond the East Coast of The United States Of America. This broad network includes not only potential business partners and clients but also top-tier experts in various fields who can provide additional resources and insights. This expanded network is a huge asset for any business, especially for those looking to scale their business.

Increased Productivity

While time differences can be seen as a challenge, New York and London are only 5 hours apart. So having a coach in London means that coaching sessions can easily be arranged at a convenient time for both client and coach. This ease of scheduling meetings over Zoom saves time and maximises your productivity. You can review your business coach’s feedback and work on your next business moves, without the need to travel through New York traffic to a face to face meeting.

Choosing a business coach is a significant decision, and while there are many coaches in New York, working with a London business coach can provide distinct advantages. The blend of fresh perspectives, diverse strategies, extended networks, and excellent feedback and guidance can propel a New York business to new heights. If you’re a business owner in New York looking for expert support to grow your business, why not consider a London-based business & executive coach?

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About Jason Cornes

Meet Jason Cornes, an experienced entrepreneur and business coach for the past 7 years, with over 40 years of hands-on experience in building successful ventures. Jason holds both a Diploma in Management Studies (DMS) and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), accompanied by a solid background in counselling. 

In his business coaching practice, Jason brings a personal touch. He’s been in your shoes, navigating the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial journey, and he knows just how tough growth can be. Since dedicating himself to full-time coaching in 2017, Jason has been a trusted advisor to a broad spectrum of clients, from eager freelancers to experienced professional executives around the world, guiding them to expand their businesses far beyond their initial expectations.

Jason not only is a great human being, but the way caters for his clients is remarkable. I honestly would recommend Jason if you were looking to grow your business but don’t know where to turn to. In the business coaching world, there are lots who don’t have your best interest at heart. Jason does.”

Christian Parker. Red Rag Marketing Ltd.

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