Why Teachers and Head Teachers Benefit from Business & Executive Coaching

Embarking on the journey from educational employment to self-employment can feel like stepping into a new world, a world where the rules of navigation are so different. For teachers and headteachers who are looking to develop their entrepreneurial aspirations by transitioning from the structure of the classroom to the freedom of running a business comes with its own unique challenges and opportunities. As a business coach specialising in this life-changing journey for teachers, I am dedicated to guiding them through every important step. From the initial spark of a business idea, through its careful crafting, to the ultimate goal of creating a profitable company. Whether you’re adapting an existing concept or starting fresh, the shift to self-employment is a bold and challenging move, and with the right guidance from an experienced business coach, it can be an incredibly rewarding one.

Understanding the Challenges of Educational Leadership

For teachers and headteachers stepping out of the classroom and into the world of self-employment, the shift can feel like launching into a whole new curriculum. As dedicated educators, you’ve mastered the ability of leading classrooms and juggling the daily complexities of school life. Now, as you turn toward starting your own business, you’re swapping lesson plans for business plans, parent-teacher meetings for networking, and school budgets for financial forecasts. While the landscape is different, your skills as educators, such as organisation, leadership, and adaptability, are incredibly transferable to entrepreneurship.

The Advantages of Business Coaching for Teachers

As you venture into starting your own business, the right business coaching for teachers can be your compass. It’s about sharpening your decision-making skills to prioritise what truly matters for your business. With coaching, your communication can become your superpower, clear and persuasive, whether you’re networking, marketing, or engaging with your first clients. Additionally, managing your resources wisely, especially as a new entrepreneur is crucial. From stretching your startup budget to carving out precious time for business development, coaching is your ally in navigating the exciting shift from educational professional to entrepreneur. 

The Role of Business Coaching in Personal Growth

Balancing the freedom of self-employment with the weight of being solely responsible can be daunting. That’s where a touch of tailored business coaching can be invaluable. It’s not just about getting started, it’s also about creating a work-life balance that lets you thrive both in your new business and in your day-to-day life without the shadow of burnout. With strategic guidance from an experienced coach, you can establish boundaries that support you, ensuring you remain as passionate about your new business as you were in your teaching role.

For teachers and headteachers embarking on this new entrepreneurial journey, the ability that business coaching for teachers has to transform your business from the start is immense. It provides you with strategies to lead with assurance, make decisions with clarity, and foster an environment where your business can flourish. Embrace this partnership, and watch as the expertise that guided your students now guides you towards crafting a successful business.

About the author 

Meet Jason Cornes: not just a business coach but an entrepreneur with forty years of hands-on experience. Jason has built his career outside the conventional 9-to-5, leaning on his sharp business sense and a variety of successful projects. With a background in both business management and counselling, he’s got a knack for combining strategic thinking with a deep understanding of people.

Jason knows the ups and downs of running a business firsthand. He’s there to help those looking for change, whether they’re flying solo or leading a team, find their way. His clients come from all walks of professional life, from architects to head teachers and everyone in between. Since turning his full attention to business coaching in 2017, Jason’s been all about helping business leaders meet their challenges head-on and flourish in their fields.

“When I moved to the UK from abroad I was a qualified school teacher and musician with 10 years experience. I really wanted to carry on my career in this country and so I sent my CV to some schools. The replies were that either they didn’t have a vacancy or that I could have a low paid position working along side their existing staff, or that I was overqualified for the position for which I was applying. I was determined to succeed and in my desperation I turned to Jason for help and advice to set up as a self-employed private piano teacher. I didn’t know where to get my new students from and a few piano teachers that I spoke to were not thriving. With Jason’s coaching and mentoring I realised that the sky was the limit and I could have as many students as I wanted. Within 18 months I had more than 35 regular pupils and a waiting list. Jason taught me how to set boundaries by drafting and applying Terms of Business and all aspects of running a small business successfully and efficiently. I’m very grateful to Jason as without him I would have considered changing my career. 50% of my success is due to Jason’s inspiration and confidence that I could do it. I highly recommend Jason Mentoring and Coaching for any difficulty or goal connected to Small Business. He helped me build my dream which is not only my work but my hobby and passion. What better situation to be in. He helped me enormously and he can help you too.”

Elena Cornes – Elena’s Children’s Piano School
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