Business coaching and mentoring 

How I work

What is business coaching and mentoring? As an experienced Business Mentor, I’ve thought about this question a lot. I think the answer is this:

Business mentoring is about a professional one-to-one relationship in which the more experienced person (modesty aside, that’s me) supports and encourages another person (hopefully you) to develop the wisdom, skills and understanding that can best maximise your business potential.  In short, it’s about the transfer of knowledge gained from experience. You could be seeing things from other perspectives.

The result? With a clear light shone on how and why you do things, you could do the same things differently. Or, not do them at all. You could do other things.

Working with me could be the best decision you ever made.  Contact me to find out more.

Customised business mentoring.  How it works.

First and foremost, please rest assured that not only is every single part of your business mentoring programme with me totally confidential, it will be completely tailored to your circumstances and your needs. With five years’ counselling and psychotherapy training, I fully recognise what it is to be human: we’re singular, different and unique.

Your mentoring sessions with me will be adapted to reflect your personality and how you see the world around you. This way, you’ll achieve your goals more effectively.


First and foremost, I’ll listen to you. And, I’ll listen properly. Many clients tell me that I have superb listening skills (so I’ll take that one). I’ll find out how you do things, how you gather information and what your business processes are. We’ll look at how the decisions you’ve made up until now have influenced your current position.

I use personality profiling to help us both understand how you interact and respond to others and to the situations you face on a daily basis. Interesting!

Business Coaching and Mentoring

Let’s set your strategy

Let’s work out where you are now, where you want to be – and how best to get there.

Changing your reality

Are you sure that what you believe is true? For example, do you have to spend money each year on office refurbishments? Why do you place advertisements in the local press?  What’s your return on investment on these things?

Using open questions, I’ll help you to reflect on the potential outcomes of new or different approaches.

You’re going to have to be ready to step outside your comfort zone. I may respectfully challenge your beliefs and assumptions. Be prepared to see things from a different angle.

The money thing

Turnover and profit are key to your business success. We will always examine the figures in your business, so you’ll be thinking about your margins and your costs.  Consider your sales conversion rates, too.

If you want to earn more money, this is essential.

Action points

Bring a journal and pen. I’ll be encouraging you to make notes and at the end of each session there will be new action points and tasks. Don’t forget that my role as your mentor is to hold you accountable for completing them.

You’re the expert in your business. I’ll help you to uncover the best options for your success. There’s more to mentoring than there is space to writing about it. Contact me today.  Are you ready to start your journey?