Expand Your Horizons with a British Business Coach

Are you a business owner or executive in New York City looking to take your business to the next level? Have you considered working with an experienced London-based business coach who can offer fresh thinking from across the pond?

Get a Global Perspective on How to Grow Your Business

Unlock your New York business's potential with my expert guidance. I am an experienced British business coach and can offer a global perspective, diverse expertise, and help you unlock a world of opportunities.

Why Choose a British Business Coach?

Global Perspective

Experience the benefits of a British business coach with an international background

As a British business coach, I bring a global perspective, having worked across different markets and cultures for nearly 40 years. By working with me you will benefit from valuable insights and expand your horizons beyond the New York market.

Diverse Skillset

As a serial entrepreneur with decades of experience in running various businesses, I possess a wide range of business skills and expertise. From leadership to communication, strategy to problem-solving, you too can now tap into my vast knowledge and experience.

Innovative Solutions

Embrace fresh approaches to business challenges

Having helped many business owners overcome common issues, I offer innovative solutions and creative problem-solving techniques that can help you overcome the obstacles you face and that are preventing you from moving forward.

Enhanced Communication

Fortunately, language is no barrier to working with me. As a British business coach based in the vibrant, cosmopolitan city of London which, like New York City, is buzzing with businesspeople from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures, I can help you enhance your communication skills and effectiveness and improve your interactions with your team and clients.

Ready to Take Your New York Business Global?

As your business coach, I will be fully committed to your success. Through personalized online coaching sessions that fit in with your schedule and New York business hours, I can help you set clear goals, establish a vision, hold you accountable for your progress toward achieving them, and provide valuable feedback.

Ready to work with me?

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Elevate your New York business to new heights by working with a British business coach that gets tangible results for continuous improvement and long-lasting success.

Imagine the impact more profits and sales would have on your life!

I’ve helped multiple clients create the lifestyle they want by working less and earning more. Unlock your New York business's global potential today and take the first step towards a brighter future.

I can’t wait to talk to you and explore the many possibilities that await your business with me as your trusted British business coach by your side.

Don’t just take my word for it, here’s what some of my many satisfied customers said about working with me.

Claire Freeman. Consultant Podiatric Surgeon FRCPodS

"How do you choose a business coach? When you know you are stuck, and need help, how do you know who to trust with something as personal and critical as your business? I did a lot of searching and spoke to many different coaches, but when I spoke to Jason I immediately recognised his skill and professionalism. His background, experience and positive attitude have helped me in ways I did not expect. I've learnt so much about myself, the way I run my business and how to effect change. Would I choose him again - absolutely, would I recommend him - absolutely, is my business better off - absolutely, am I still stuck...no."

Elizabeth Keates Film & Photography

"Astonishingly brilliant! Two rather powerful words to describe how I felt about Jason Cornes after our meeting. To cut to the chase, which is exactly what Jason did with a business growth issue I had been stuck with for quite a while, I found the session inspirational and I finally have a road map forward. Through hard-hitting truths Jason was able to show me exactly where I was stuck and why. He guided me towards a clear plan of action and together we identified the areas where I feel I need support to enable me to achieve the goal I have been trying to reach for a number of years now. Moments felt productively uncomfortable as we addressed my comfort zone and looked at my self-limiting and destructive cycles, but before my heart rate became too high, Jason quickly showed me ways to reach a solution and above all he has laid a plan to give me the support I need to let go and actually move forward. With Jason coaching from the side-line, I truly can’t wait to report back on where my business will be in 12 months."

Andrew Fenton. Chartered Tax Advisor

"I have been working with Jason for several months and I have found his support and ideas invaluable to me. His suggestions and mentoring have produced instant results and I am looking forward to continuing working with him. I would highly recommend Jason to anyone looking for someone to support their business and provide genuine added value."

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