Business Coach Sussex

Business coaching for self-employed business owners in Sussex

Business coaching for self-employed business owners in Sussex.

Feel you could benefit from a business coach?

I’m Jason Cornes; as an experienced business owner and business coach, it’s my job to help you:

  • Understand yourself better and play to your skills and strengths
  • Enjoy your work and achieve a better work life balance
  • Grow your business or scale your operations for a long-term end goal.
  • Overcome assumptions or self-limiting beliefs that stop you from making progress in your business
  • And finally, improve your operations, increase efficiency and boost profitability.

I tend to find business owners no matter what type of small business they own, fall into at least one of these categories; they need an independent sounding board, support to either put plans in place for growth, overcome obstacles (real or perceived) or make critical, often life-changing decisions. To sum up - most small business owners who reach out to me are ambitious but feeling stuck in some way...

Business Support in Sussex

If you search for the term ‘business support in Sussex’, Google serves up a staggering 76 million results. So, with literally millions of organisations, consultants and coaches offering to support your business - how do you choose?

With local government support from the likes of East Sussex and West Sussex County Council, to courses and classes organised by local chambers of commerce and networking groups, not to mention the hundreds of franchised business coaches out there - there is, understandably, a lot to choose from.

All I would say is, you and your business are unique. You have amazing assets, strengths and unique selling points, while on the flip side, you also have your very personal, individual circumstances and challenges.

Generic ‘one size fits all’ business support won’t help you find your own individual pathway to success and get you to where you want to be in your life and business. This cookie-cutter style may work for some, but as I’ve found in my 35+ years in business and listening to the feedback of countless clients, a personal, tailor made 1-2-1 approach is the only effective way to make a difference.

Which is where I can help. I don’t offer a templated, one-size-fits-all coaching service. My approach is to listen carefully to what you want and where you want to go with YOUR small business and support and guide you along your very personal journey to get you there.

Discover how my coaching has helped similar Sussex businesses.

Take Kevin an IT Consultant, Sarah a Commercial Photographer and Catherine a hotel owner. All three of these Sussex business owners came to me with their own individual personalities, circumstances, challenges and ambitions. So, what better than to read about my services in THEIR words.

Kevin, Sarah and Catherine wrote the following local testimonials:

Kevin Hinton – kITman Limited

"I have used Jason as a Business Coach. Jason is unique in the fact that he actually listens to what the business owner requires. And does not work from a preformed business builder script. Along with his knowledge in personal psychology, he can identify problems that can be holding the business back. I can highly recommend using Jason – to develop your business"

Sarah Bennett Commercial Photography.

"I’ve worked with Jason for two years this month. When I came to Jason for help, I wasn’t entirely sure what a business coach did, I thought maybe a few sessions then that was it..2 years on and I can truly say my business has gone from strength to strength, but I still need him. Jason is the person I tell all my ideas to, and bounce them off. He’s the one person that will give me an honest answer and opinion, he tells me what I need to hear, not necessarily what I want to hear. Because he’s always run his own businesses, he knows his stuff, it's based on training yes, but more importantly I fell on his 30 years of experience in running his own companies. His ideas are inspiring and I can’t recommend him enough to others"

Catherine Clifford. Managing Partner. Best Western Lansdowne Hotel.

"I met Jason at a networking event and straight away I found him to be very easy to talk to and I felt immediately at ease with him. I booked a session with him and I can honestly say that now, after several sessions, I have truly found a way forward for myself and my business. After a simple question about what it was that I actually wanted, it opened the floodgates to a huge amount of possibility that was there but I hadn’t had the courage to tap into. The coaching really helped me to find perspective and clear clouds that were thick and heavy in my mind about tackling challenges and moving forward . It’s fair to say that the clarity and confidence that I have gained from Jason’s business coaching has been invaluable. Thank you Jason!!"

Ready to get the support your Sussex business needs?

Business coaching is personal to the business owner and to be effective, it must be bespoke and flexible. With this in mind, I’d love you to join my list of happy and successful self-employed and director-led business coaching clients across the trades, health and wellness, professional services, and even the not for profit and charitable sector.

I live in Pevensey, close to Eastbourne, I have travelled in the past throughout Sussex for face-to-face caching and likewise clients come to me. Alternatively, we can speak remotely via Zoom or Skype which works very well.

So, if you’d like to explore how you’ll benefit from some business support in Sussex, from a coach with a proven track record of success with their clients - let’s chat. Click below to book an introductory call with me.