Business Mentor Brighton

Business mentoring for self-employed small business owners in Brighton

Business mentoring for self-employed small business owners in Brighton

Are you looking for business mentoring in Brighton?

I’m Jason Cornes, and as a business mentor, I can help you to:

  • Enjoy your work more and boost your self-confidence
  • Improve your focus and business skills
  • Boost your businesses profitability
  • Scale or grow your business
  • And see more cash in the bank.

Right now, you may know more than anyone what issues are holding your business back from being the success you know it can be. Or on the other hand, perhaps you’re not sure and need some help to know what to focus on.

Whether these are emotional limitations which are impacting your motivation, or self-confidence, causing you to be fearful, or practical issues with the way you sell your service or operate.

Either way, you know that you have two choices, tackle these issues head-on, or struggle through another year unhappy with the level of progress you're making.

I’ve mentored numerous self-employed small businesses owners across Brighton to do just this, helping them to identify their vision and develop an action-packed plan to create the success they deserve.

Brighton - Home to an eclectic mix of businesses

Brighton and Hove is home to a rich mix of residents, cultures and businesses. It’s why so many flock to our city each year, and it may be why you chose to start your business here.

Whether it’s the Pier, our art...or even the fact that ABBA won Eurovision at the Brighton Dome, just like our great city, as small business owners, we all have our strengths and core attractions.

But on the flip side, we also have issues that, perhaps on the outside, aren’t seen by all. But yet hold us back and hinder our development nonetheless. My job as a business mentor is to help business owners like you here in Brighton to overcome your own unique struggles.

To act as your hidden business partner.

Like any good business partner, my job isn’t to tell you what to do. Instead, I remain in your corner, listening, observing and offering unbiased, experienced hints, tips, suggestions and advice on the myriad of decisions you make on your business journey.

Whether this coaching is delivered remotely or face-to-face, business mentoring will cover:

  • Listening
  • Getting strategic
  • Changing your reality
  • The money thing
  • Agreed action points and accountability

A business strategy/MOT focus will create action plans covering:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Financia
  • Operational

A local case study from here in Brighton

Take James from Third Circle Recordings who is a skilled and talented musician and recording engineer here in Brighton. We are working together to take his career and business to the next level.

Although like so many businesses trading has been affected by lockdown, James took the opportunity to be proactive during this ‘quiet time’ and work with me to put a vision in place and a plan as to how we can make that vision a reality. Working with James is both interesting and fun and we are improving and enhancing every aspect of his business including developing some exciting new products and services and putting a marketing plan into action.

James empathises with the struggles of many self-employed people in his Testimonial below.

Local testimonial:

James Gasson. Third Circle Recordings

"It seems to me that, for many people, working for yourself can be lonely, confusing and frustrating. After all, we’re good at doing the thing we’re good at, but not necessarily at knowing how to formulate that into a workable, competitive business. I was stuck in this position for many years, not quite confident enough to put my foot down properly, and never sure of the destination were I to do so. Working with Jason has begun to change all that. He has offered direction, focus, and an endless well of positivity, things that have been sorely lacking during my years of struggle and self doubt. His guidance has given me a level of confidence that helps me to stay motivated, even in the face of challenges under which I would otherwise have surely felt defeated, and for that I am extremely grateful. I highly recommend Jason if, like me, you are feeling determined but lost. I look upon our journey with great excitement and readiness, and can’t wait to see where it leads. Five stars indeed"

Ready to take your Brighton business to the next level?

I have coached small business owners here in Brighton from various backgrounds and industries, from builders to dog groomers, musicians and artists to tradespeople, accountants to consultants and coaches to university academics - and I’d love to add you to this list.

Whether you wish to meet locally (I live along the coast near Eastbourne) for face-to-face mentoring or would instead rather we speak remotely via Zoom or Skype - it’s entirely up to you.

If you feel there are areas of your business that could benefit from some unbiased business mentoring, let’s chat. Click below to book an introductory call with me.