Business Mentor Sussex

Business mentoring in Sussex for self-employed small business owners

Looking for a business mentor in Sussex?

I’m Jason Cornes, and as an experienced business mentor, I can help you to:

  • Put your vision in place and devise a plan to get you there
  • Help you to develop your sales and marketing and find new clients
  • Boost your businesses profitability
  • Scale or grow your business
  • And see more cash in the bank.

If you aren’t 100% happy in your business right now or if you feel key things are holding you back from getting you to where you want to be in life, small business mentoring will help you enormously.

Whether you find yourself bursting with enthusiasm but not achieving the results you deserve or feeling fearful but not sure why. Perhaps you’re lacking self-confidence and persuading yourself why something won’t work before you actually try. Maybe it’s time to think and act differently to get different results?

Alternatively, it could be a challenge with the way you run your business, anything from cash flow to customer service, profitability to marketing - as your business mentor I will help and support you to overcome the hurdles that are getting in the way of your progress.

I’ve mentored numerous self-employed small businesses owners across Sussex to do just this, helping them to identify the areas for improvement and develop an action-packed plan to make effective and long lasting changes.

Running a business in Sussex.

In my humble opinion, Sussex is one of the most beautiful places in the country, and for good reason. We have stunning natural assets like Camber in the East, the Severn Sisters in the South and the wonderful South Downs National Park.

These natural assets and many more are why hundreds of thousands of visitors flock to our region each year, and it’s a beautiful area from which to operate as a small business.

And just like our region, you have your own set of natural assets and talents, those things that flow naturally for you, your core set of skills, your processes or intellectual property.

As a business mentor, it’s my job to help you enhance and leverage these natural talents while minimising and overcoming any areas where you may not feel in your element that might be holding you back. To look for opportunities that you may not be acting upon.

Like a supporting business partner.

My role as your business mentor isn’t about prescribing you things you should or shouldn’t do. Instead, I act like a supporting business partner on your side throughout our coaching period, observing, listening and offering unbiased advice based on my own years of experience for the myriad of decisions you need to make to grow your business.

Whether this coaching is delivered remotely or face-to-face, business mentoring will cover:

  • Listening
  • Getting strategic
  • Changing your reality
  • The money thing
  • Agreed action points and holding you accountable

A business strategy/MOT focus will create action plans covering:

  • Leadership and business skills
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Financial
  • Operational

A case study from a business here in Sussex

Take Cale who owns and runs two businesses. Social Bee Social Media and Best of Hastings. Both of Cale’s businesses are thriving and he retains me ongoing as his hidden business partner. Cale explains everything in his local testimonial below:

Cale Sinfield. Social Bee Social Media

"I have two successful businesses which are both taking off and I felt pulled in two directions, difficulty focusing on the growth of both, prioritising and using my time to maximum effect. I was also trying to 'be strong' and do everything myself when it was clear that I needed to delegate or outsource but I was unsure how. With these challenges in mind, I approached Jason to ask for his free discovery meeting to explain my situation and discuss his 'Hidden Business Partner' services. Having met with Jason it was obvious to me that he was someone I could trust and has excellent listening skills and considerable small business experience. I had spoken with some of his many existing clients at business networking events and read his online reviews and so decided to engage his services. Jason helps me to understand my personality better, why I prefer to do things in my business in the way that I do, highlighting my strengths and building my self-confidence. How to gain the strategic direction and support I need to move forward with my businesses. Jason is insightful and has the ability to look at a situation from many different angles. If I am feeling stuck he makes original suggestions, motivating me and creating momentum. In each and every session we agree on action points and he keeps me on track and holds me accountable. I suggest you meet Jason for a coffee. You won't regret it. It's not a quick fix, it is a journey together, so stick with it and he will help you to change your thoughts, behaviours and feelings and get the results in your small business you are looking for"

Ready to grow your Sussex business in 2021?

Whether it’s been accountants or consultants, teachers or tradespeople, creatives, coaches or academics - I’ve helped small business owners and individuals across Sussex grow, become more confident and achieve what they want to do in life.

Whether it’s face-to-face (I’m based in Pevensey near Eastbourne), or remotely via Zoom or Skype - I’d love to help you do the same with some quality bespoke business mentoring.

To make the changes you want to your business, speak to me about some expert small business mentoring here in Sussex. Click below to book an introductory call with me.