Business Strategy Planning and Business MOT Sessions

I offer business strategy planning sessions with a difference. They’re a tailor-made combination of planning and strategy with a realistic “MOT” assessment of your current situation. And then? A viable, achievable action plan to help you meet your goals.

In addition to helping you create a “classic” business plan, I can also support the distinct elements of your business. Examples may include your marketing, sales and general operations or business processes.

Perhaps you’re stuck. You have a problem in your business. You’re not sure what to do next. Business strategy planning with me, Jason Cornes could really help.  Alternatively, if it’s lonely where you are and sharing isn’t possible with your partner or colleagues, you need a sounding board. Perhaps you need confirmation that the path you’re following is the right one. Again, contact me if this resonates with you.

Business Strategy Planning

If you’re not sure where your business is going, a strategy planning session could be just the ticket. I’d like to help you develop a vision for your business.  Where are you now? Where do you want to be? How are you going to get there?

We’ll create and document some goals, understand how well you know your market and look at the overall sustainability of your business. Also, we’ll analyse your strengths and weaknesses. Importantly, a business strategy planning session will help you to see the “bigger picture”, or your enterprise from a different angle.

Your customised business MOT

Let’s examine what’s working well within your business. Also, let’s take an honest look at what may not be working so well. Don’t worry – you can be open and direct with me. Remember: I’ve been there too.

Together, we’ll identify what needs some work and how best to move forwards. Actually, this is really exciting; everything is achievable if we break it down into small stages.

Business strategy planning or business MOT?

Both could be vital to your success. Whilst an “MOT”-style session may focus on the here and now, with a tangible “to do” list, business planning with me could be more strategic – the bigger picture, perhaps. Again, with an action plan. Together, they’re pretty sensational.

Picture your future you. And yes, YOU did that. You made it happen.

Business planning and business MOT sessions could include the following. Your plan will be unique to your circumstances and we’ll review and highlight what’s most important.

You may be aware that one (or all) of these isn’t working. There are several spokes in your business wheel. Undoubtedly, one will affect the other. So, we’ll set an agenda, establish your goals and off we go.


A marketing planning session will create routes to market that really work.  These are the channels that support business growth. It goes without saying that it’s vital to match your services to the most appropriate ones.

We’ll examine your website, marketing materials and how you use social media (if indeed you do). How’s your branding? Do you network? Would you ever consider having a stand at a business expo?

Time to document everything and to put that plan into action.


Why do businesses fail? Bluntly, it’s because they don’t make enough money due to lack of sales. Don’t be that business owner. If you’d like to sell more, contact me for a sales planning session.

We’ll examine your approach to prospects and how you find them. We’ll also review how you store data (GDPR), whether you cold call, send emails or letters and how you write these.

Together, we’ll formulate the most effective way to get in front of new clients, fabulous follow-up strategies and how to create THE perfect sales proposal.


Do you know your figures? If not, it’s time to make a plan. A financial plan, in fact. It’s easy to bury your head in the sand, but this is the last thing you should do.

Your plan will include details of your getting-by budget and your life-of-Riley budget; it will also document your projected income and profit.  Nothing will be missed.  Your outgoings are essential to understand, too.  Why?  Because you may be paying too much for services or products you could get cheaper elsewhere.


An operational plan could help to streamline the processes within your business. Just a few small changes could make all the difference. You could be more efficient, more productive and as a result, increase your turnover.

We’ll examine everything. In combination with a strategic plan, your operational blueprint outlines the how and the when. And, as your business mentor I’ll hold you accountable.

At the end of the session, you’ll have a focused action plan to work on, chock-full of exciting new idea, tasks and strategies. What’s more, your session needn’t be a one-off, or stand-alone meeting. I’d be very pleased to support you at further sessions, either pre-planned or ad hoc, diary allowing.

So, it’s time to shine. Don’t fail to plan. Contact me today for more information.