Executive Coach London, Brighton, UK

I work as an executive coach in the UK, with many clients in London, Brighton and across West Sussex and East Sussex. Offering highly effective 1 to 1 coaching sessions either face-to-face or by Zoom, Skype and video calls.

My work as an executive coach is solution focused, confidential and non-judgemental.

Whether you are a:

-senior decision maker in a company, charity or business
-developing your corporate career
-facing redundancy
-or perhaps transitioning into self-employment

I can help you to overcome life’s problems and challenges.

My extensive training in psychotherapy and counselling informs my understanding of how different we all are. We can all get a little stuck sometimes. There’s no embarrassment or shame in that. It’s just how things are.

Sometimes, just a few small changes in the right order could make all the difference.

Do one or more of these describe your situation in your professional life?

You are feeling ‘lonely at the top’ holding a responsible, decision making role and would like additional support.

You are struggling with an important decision in your life, business, career or organisation.

You are facing a major change such as promotion, redundancy, retirement, divorce or a bereavement and would like help coping and creating a positive future.

You are not as productive as you’d like to be, perhaps battling with procrastination or poor motivation.

Your self-confidence is low.

You’d like to find your passion in life, to be in your element.

You need a change of direction or to find a new pathway, either for yourself or your business or organisation.

You’d like to understand yourself better. Your personality, strengths and weaknesses and how and why you prefer to do things in the way that you do.

You are feeling stuck and would like help finding a way forward.

Each and every client is different, their needs are different so the way I work as an executive coach is tailored to you

Whatever your situation, contact me for a free consultation – I’d be happy to help you.

In my role as an executive coach, I help support SME businesses across the UK.

From my base in Eastbourne, East Sussex, I can meet face to face with you in London, Brighton, Eastbourne and across West Sussex and East Sussex. If you are in other parts of the country we can easily conduct telephone or video sessions via Zoom or Skype.

My approach as an executive coach

Listening is a skill that I’ve acquired during my years training as a counsellor and when running my own business. Listening properly, that is.

Being an executive coach is about asking the right questions. Deciding what you want and how to create that vision as a reality.

Agreeing action points at each and every session. My aim is to uncover and support you with any fears and life-limiting beliefs. And yes, most of us have these, as well as issues with insecurity and imposter syndrome. They hold us back. They have to go – or at least, be managed more effectively.

Ultimately, working with you as an executive coach we will uncover more useful ways of thinking; different points of view.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at, change. Don’t accept things at face value. There are always solutions.

Setting clear business goals

We’ll be clear about how you operate currently. We’ll establish what you need or want. My approach is to empower you to think about the reasons ‘why you can’, rather than ‘why you can’t’

As your executive coach I can make a big difference in your business, career or organisation, along with your personal life too. Wherever you are based across the UK, we can meet via phone or video call. If you would like to meet your executive coach in person, there’s the option of meeting in London, Brighton, East Sussex or West Sussex.

You know that you can achieve anything, right? Whether you think you can or you think you can’t – you are right. Life doesn’t have to be this way. From here on in, you change by working with me as your executive coach.. We can change it together.

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“I can thoroughly recommend Jason as a business mentor because he is indeed a mentor, and an excellent one at that”

Andrew Durling, Social Entrepreneur

“Jason has been incredibly helpful in mentoring and coaching me. I would recommend him to anyone!”

Helen Burton, Eastbourne Volunteers

“I would recommend Jason to anyone who is looking to move their career forward or just needs some guidance to help them make changes.”

Daniel Brookbank, Chief Executive Officer

“Jason has really helped me focus my business efforts to where they should be going and not wasting time on meaningless endeavours”

Greg Draven, Actor
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