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Personal, Professional and Leadership Coaching for Executives in Brighton

Personal, Professional and Leadership Coaching for Executives in Brighton, East Sussex

Are you looking for executive coaching in Brighton?

I’m Jason Cornes and as an executive and business coach, I’ve worked with numerous individuals here in Brighton over the last five years,, each with their own circumstances and very personal reasons for seeking the help of an executive coach. These clients come from a wide range of careers including, for example; a manager in an insurance company, the chairperson of a charity, a chartered accountant and an educational consultant. All working here in Brighton.

So, if you find yourself:

  • Feeling lonely in your leadership position
  • Wishing to enhance your self-confidence
  • Finding it difficult to decide or ask for what you want
  • Allowing procrastination, a lack of focus or motivation to creep in
  • Struggling to make a decision on a promotion, new job or business opportunity.
  • Facing redundancy and would like to make a fresh start

You will no doubt benefit from an experienced executive coach, someone who’s on your side, with a non-judgemental outside perspective and a listening ear. A coach who is willing you on to succeed, get you to where you want to go, and become the manager of your career and your life that you know you can be.

Whether it’s starting a new business, advancing your corporate career, performing better in your current role or simply becoming a more confident, assertive leader - local executive coaching in Brighton can support you all the way. Helping you to achieve long-term change across both your professional and personal life.

I love the diversity here in Brighton and Hove, both among its residents and its businesses. It has unique characters, tremendous strengths, cultural, sporting and economic attractions and it’s why so many flock to the city every year.

And, while we can all boast about being the Green capital of Britain, a cultural hub or let’s face it one of the best cities to live and work in the whole country, we are all a bit like our city; while we flourish in some areas, presenting a glossy exterior to the world, we do struggle under the surface at times.

To date, I’ve helped many clients in Brighton, from business owners to managers and executive leaders, do more than just gloss over the things that hold them back; I’ve coached them through these issues and out the other side.

With remote/virtual or face-to-face executive coaching that covers:

  • Professional development
  • Leadership coaching
  • Business coaching
  • And career coaching

I can help you become stronger, more resilient and much happier, wealthier, and confident in your personal and professional life.

A local case study from here in Brighton

Take Sarah who has a leadership role in a Brighton based charitable organisation. Sarah came to me one year ago, asking for help managing change in her career.

She loved her current role and was passionate about the mission of the charity that she worked for, however she was moving to a different part of the country for family reasons. So Sarah had already agreed with her board of trustees that she would be leaving on an agreed date.

The challenges for Sarah were multi-level:

  • How to perform at her best in her current role for the time that she had left
  • How to have a ‘good ending’
  • Who within her team should she recommend for promotion into her current role
  • How to manage the ‘hand over’

And last but by no means least...what next? How could she combine her skills, training, experience, values, personality and interests to find a new career direction where she would feel in her element every day.

You can read what Sarah wrote about our work together in ‘Local Testimonials’ below.

Brighton based testimonials

Sarah Chief Executive Brighton

"I felt stuck and not a little fearful and overwhelmed. With my impending move I knew I needed to grab hold of the situation and make changes, but I wasn't doing anything about it. Something was holding me back. I didn't know where to even begin. Jason helped me to see my situation clearly and explore the potential ways forward some of which I hadn’t even considered. We worked to better understand my personality, identify my values and what I was actually feeling and then together decided a plan for what I needed to do. Now, instead of just saying I must get on with it, I have done something about it with Jason holding me accountable each step of the way. Leaving my previous role was a better and happier experience than I could have hoped and Jason continues to help me to create my re-invented role as a self-employed consultant. I feel more capable and in charge of my life than ever before. Thank you so much Jason. I highly recommend him to help you manage changes in your career!"

Ready to get to where you want to be?

Executive coaching can make a world of difference to your performance.

I’ve worked with everyone from accountants to consultants and coaches to small business owners to university academics here in Brighton and across Sussex, and I’d love to discuss working with you.

I live just down the road near Eastbourne in East Sussex and have many clients in Brighton. We can either meet face-to-face locally or remotely via Zoom or Skype, whatever suits you best. So while you’re here, why not book an introductory Zoom call with me?

Let’s chat, get to know each other and see if there’s a way for us to work together.

P.S. Like you, I've been there, life gets busy. There are a lot of distractions and people to please and you probably don't have a lot of free time and energy. But remember, nothing will improve or grow unless you are able to put your mind to. These business mentoring sessions can be at time that suits you, as and when you need them. So what have you got to lose?