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Personal & Professional Executive Coaching for Leaders and Managers Across Sussex

Personal Professional Executive Coaching for Leaders and Managers Across Sussex

Whether you’ve been feeling less productive or happy in your career lately or you feel like you're not living the life you want and you don't know what to do next, executive coaching might be the solution for you.

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Since becoming a business and executive coach in 2016, I’ve helped leaders, business owners and managers across the region become more confident, resilient and happy executives.

From my base here in Eastbourne, I’ve helped clients from Hastings in East Sussex to Chichester in West Sussex with executive coaching to:

  • Become more decisive
  • Boost their self confidence
  • Improve the way they communicate with staff
  • Create a vision, make a plan and stay focused
  • Boost their motivation and take decisive action
  • Make tough and exciting decisions on new directions or business opportunities.
  • Find out what they REALLY want to do in life.

If you’re looking for something similar, you could benefit from some local executive coaching.

Executive coaching in Sussex

As an executive coach, my job is to help, guide and support leaders and managers across Sussex find their way forward, set goals and hold them accountable. In your corner, listening, observing and offering unbiased comments, feedback, advice and suggestions to get you where you want to go and reach your potential.

Whether it’s the rolling hills and white cliffs of East Sussex, picture-postcard villages like Boxgrove in West Sussex, sunshine and tourists by the coast in St Leonards, Eastbourne or Brighton, or even captivating castles in Bodiam or Arundel - our region has so much to celebrate and be glad about.

And, just like the 70,000+ businesses across the hospitality, tourism, financial, manufacturing and creative sector in our region - there’s a diverse range of businesses to be proud of. Thousands of companies, managed by executives and leaders with a broad range of personalities and strengths. All with their own individual circumstances, challenges and opportunities for personal and professional development.

Work with an executive coach

Which is where I come in. As an executive coach, it’s my job to help leaders and managers like you, find their way forward. Overcoming the obstacles and challenges in their path, whether real or perceived. To date, I’ve helped many clients from all sorts of different businesses and organisations in our region do just this, with executive coaching that covers:

  • Professional and personal development
  • Leadership coaching
  • Business coaching
  • And career coaching

Helping you to become stronger, more resilient and happier, wealthier, and confident in your personal and professional life.

A local case study from Sussex

Take Mike who is a manager in an accountancy practise in West Sussex. Due to expansion and a merger, Mike found himself ‘catapulted’ from working in a small family run business to managing a team of ten and had accepted a promotion to the position of Practice Manager.

Mike found that there was little or no training provided by his existing employer. He felt that his knowledge and understanding of what leadership entails was lacking. He had recently struggled with a difficult employee over an HR-related incident and felt that he could have handled the matter better and resolved it in a more appropriate way.

With the recent increase in staff levels, Mike realised that he had a strong desire to be liked and was having difficulty accepting that the Practice Manager was not always going to be the most popular person in the office.

Mike asked me to help him perform better in his current role and become happier at work.

You can read Mike’s executive coaching testimonial below.

Mike Practice Manager, West Sussex

"It has been fantastic to have Jason to coach and mentor me. He is external to my organisation with ‘no axe to grind’ and has extensive experience managing staff in his own businesses over the years. Jason has helped me hold up a mirror to myself in order to see me as my team does. This could potentially be quite an uncomfortable experience but I have always felt safe and at ease with Jason and he is friendly, supportive and challenging at just the right times. The benefits of our work together have been rapidly visible to myself and my boss The insights, tools and tips I got were “spot on” every single time. I especially found the work we did around personality, motivation and communication powerful and easily applied to ‘real life’ I am greatly thankful for those learnings. Enlightening, challenging, inspiring, enjoyable and informative. Jason has a great sense of humour. Even though our 6 months programme has come to an end I feel I have a ‘little Jason’ on my shoulder reminding me of our learning together when I need a nudge. This experience will stay with me forever and I recommend you give it a go too"

Ready for executive coaching?

Every leader or manager who takes up my services is different, however, the case study above gives you a taste of how I’ve helped just one of a number of different professionals in a wide variety of industries from Sussex to London. From accountancy to insurance, education to the ‘not for profit’ or charitable sector to small business. I’d love to discuss how I could help you.

I live in East Sussex, near Eastbourne (the parish of Pevensey and Westham actually), which means we can either meet locally for a face-to-face session or remote/virtual coaching via Zoom or Skype works just as well. Some clients opt for a mixture of both.

So, while you’re here, why not book an initial discovery meeting with me?

I’m looking forward to meeting you, hearing about your current circumstances and exploring how I can assist you.

The success of your career is down to you

P.S. Executive coaching isn't a magic pill to business or career success - it's ultimately your responsibility to take the steps necessary to make it happen, but, throughout our coaching sessions with me as your executive coach, we'll think through whatever challenges you're currently experiencing, to set clear goals and develop a plan of action that fills you with the personal self confidence and support you need to achieve them.

Don't delay, contact me today to schedule your phone or Zoom call to explain how executive coaching works and how it can be an invaluable tool for you and your career over the next 12 months.