Business & Executive Coach for Accountants and Tax Advisors

Accountants and tax advisors are often the unsung heroes behind the scenes, meticulously guiding small businesses through the maze of financial compliance and strategic planning. But when it comes to their own practices and growing their own business, who stands behind them offering support? They, too, need a sanctuary where they can seek guidance, a trusted, non-judgmental business and executive coach to illuminate their path as they encounter their unique set of opportunities and challenges.

Is professional business and executive coaching what you are after?

This is where the vital role of a nonjudgmental, trusted business and executive coach comes into play, offering a space for financial professionals to explore opportunities and confront challenges. In our coaching calls, we can discuss any key areas you want to focus on, including team recruitment, development, motivation, marketing strategies, and most crucially, establishing a work-life harmony. Confidentiality is a non-negotiable in these coaching partnerships, ensuring a secure environment for open discussion and strategic planning. With a vast collection of experience spanning almost four decades, including over seven years dedicated to coaching, I've collaborated with a variety of professionals navigating their own unique sectors' demands. Accountants and tax advisors juggle the challenges of client services with the operational demands of running their own practice, all whilst trying to grow their own firm.

Explore what the future holds for your firm…

You're an accountant or tax advisor with the expertise to guide small businesses through the fiscal world, but when it comes to navigating your own firm’s growth and challenges, where do you turn? You need a business coach, someone who’s not only versed in the numbers game but who also understands the nuances of your profession.

Envision yourself:

  • Growing your practice faster and more effectively than you might on your own.
  • Facing each day with an increased sense of assurance and greater confidence.
  • Enhancing your leadership abilities to inspire your team and attract new clients.
  • Rekindling your passion for accountancy and learning to re-love what you do.

The impact that these advancements could make on your practice, your clients, and your personal fulfilment is huge. But what hurdles are preventing you from making this vision a reality? Working with a business coach who can help you identify these challenges, overcome them, and set a clear course towards achieving your business goals.

What’s been stopping you?

  • Do you find yourself giving advice daily, yet ‘lonely in business’ yourself?
  • Are decisions about the future of your practice causing you to pause and seek an external perspective?
  • Do the challenges of team recruitment and motivation weigh you down?
  • Have you noticed a dip in the vibrant enthusiasm that once characterised your professional services?
  • Are you searching for that helping hand to rekindle ambition and direction within your accounting or tax advisory career?
  • Could it be that you're in need of uplifting your service offerings but require a seasoned, impartial, and confidential executive coach to help bring them into focus?

In the demanding and precise world of accounting and tax advisory, it's common for professionals to feel stuck. Left unchecked, such obstacles can impede not only your personal growth and job satisfaction but also the operational efficiency and expansion of your practice. It's time to address these issues head-on, with a trusted, non-judgmental business coach who understands the nuances of your industry. Let's work together to turn these challenges into opportunities for growth and success.

How business and executive coaching can help you within the financial sector

As a business and executive coach with a specialisation in supporting financial professionals, I understand that accountants and tax advisors are often the backbone of their small business clients' financial strategies. However, when it comes to seeking guidance for their own practices, they require a different kind of support – a dedicated, confidential space where they can explore opportunities, navigate challenges, and receive unbiased advice.

This is why as your business coach, I provide flexible coaching sessions that hone in on vital areas for a thriving financial practice, including:

  • Personal and Professional Growth for Accountants and Tax Advisors
  • Leadership and Team Development Tailored to Financial Firms
  • Business Strategy and Operational Management for Financial Services
  • Career Advancement Strategies within the Financial Sector

My approach to coaching is distinct from conventional methods, offering bespoke guidance that respects the confidentiality that is so important to financial professionals. With sessions tailored to meet the unique needs of your practice, we will address common themes such as team recruitment, motivation, and the all-important work-life balance, ensuring that your firm not only succeeds but leads in the financial field of accountants and tax advisors.

My experience as a business coach

With a solid background in business management (DMS & MBA) and extensive training in counselling and psychotherapy, combined with a wealth of entrepreneurial experience spanning nearly four decades, I offer a deep understanding of the unique challenges that come with the accounting and tax advisory professions.

As an unbiased and supportive business coach, I'm here to address the specific needs of accountants and tax advisors. My approach is tailored to foster both your professional growth and personal fulfilment. I offer a safe, confidential environment where you can openly discuss opportunities, tackle challenges, and plan for success. We'll navigate together through common issues such as team recruitment and motivation, and achieving the work-life balance that seems so difficult in this demanding field.

Reviews from my business and executive coaching clients

Andrew Fenton. Chartered Tax Advisor

"I have been working with Jason for several months and I have found his support and ideas invaluable to me. His suggestions and mentoring have produced instant results and I am looking forward to continuing working with him. I would highly recommend Jason to anyone looking for someone to support their business and provide genuine added value."

Peter Hill. Dominic Hill Associates Ltd. Chartered Accountants.

"Try some learning about YOU I set up Dominic Hill Chartered Accountants in 1992. I understand what it is like to be a small business because I am one. Sometimes you need someone outside your business with no pre-conceived ideas to open your mind to find out what you really want to achieve for yourself and also for your business and in that order. Once you have recognised what you want to achieve you can reset the destination in your life sat nav and set out in that direction. You shouldn’t and can’t re-set the sat nav without stopping to breath. Jason gives you the room to breath, think and then….. move Jason has been really motivating and he makes me smile. I really enjoy the meetings. I thoroughly recommend that you start with a 3 month program because like learning anything you need at least 3 sessions to really start to open your eyes. Why should learning about YOU be any different?"

Kolos Tapler. Accountant. No 1 Accountants Ltd

"I was inspired to book a business MOT with Jason as I heard other business owners say how useful it was for them. It might seem contrary to what is expected or even ironic that the owner of a firm of accountants, that look after and advise small business clients, albeit with a financial focus, would himself want a business MOT. The reality is that all of us can get ‘lonely in business’ and benefit from a fresh perspective and a safe space to explore what we really want for ourselves and our team and how we are going to achieve that. My business MOT with Jason took place over one month in which we had three meetings. I had the option to contact between meetings if I had a question, felt stuck or wanted to update Jason. Each meeting explored what is important to me and we agreed action points for which I was held accountable. I approached our first meeting with an open mind and quickly realised that Jason is very experienced in business and a great listener. I was able to explore with Jason what I really want for myself and my team and celebrate our strengths. Thinking strategically, we were also able to identify many tweaks, changes and improvements to enhance an already successful accountancy practice. I’m very much looking forward to working with Jason going forward and have already recommended several of my own clients for business coaching"

Let's schedule a call together

Whether you are an accountant or a tax advisor, the challenges you face within your role are one of a kind. You’re well-versed in the language of numbers and understand the importance of accuracy, compliance, and strategic financial planning in the success of any business. Yet, the journey to professional growth often requires more than just financial expertise, it demands a holistic approach to your own business vision and goals.

Let's schedule a discovery call to get to know each other and discuss how business and executive coaching can be tailored specifically for yourself as an accountant and tax advisor.