Business & Executive Coach for Lawyers, Solicitors, Attorneys, and Legal Professionals

I understand, having worked with many lawyers and legal professionals, that you are flying solo in the business side of your firm. You may be looking for a confidential, judgement-free space where you can discuss both opportunities and challenges of your professional journey. A business coach who understands the unique aspects of leading a legal practice may be what you are seeking. Someone to help you with the challenges of building a supportive team and finding the right balance between work and life, allowing you to expand your vision and grow your firm while keeping your core values intact.

Is legal professional business and executive coaching the answer?

With nearly four decades of business acumen including over 7 years coaching, I've worked alongside numerous legal professionals who encounter the unique challenges of managing their law firms and leading their teams, all while pursuing a more fulfilling professional and personal life. Many lawyers, solicitors, and attorneys balance the demands of client representation with the intricacies of running a firm, making tough decisions daily, and seeking a balance that lets them excel both in their careers and at home. If you're a legal professional with a desire for positive change, looking to elevate your firm’s performance, or seeking a more rewarding legal business, my bespoke and confidential legal business and executive coaching services are designed to help you accomplish precisely that.

Look into your firm’s future…

Picture this: you have the incredible ability to see your future in the legal profession with absolute clarity. Consider the impact on your career if you could...

  • Become more decisive and authoritative, managing the business side of your legal practice with confidence?
  • Bolster your self-assurance in every case and client meeting?
  • Elevate your leadership and communication skills, boosting your team’s performance and client satisfaction?
  • Rediscover a powerful drive for your work, inspiring innovative approaches in legal services and client care?
  • Take a courageous step to invest in cutting-edge legal technology or firm advancement?

Think about the profound effects these developments could have on your legal firm, your clientele, and your personal achievement. Now, reflect on this: what obstacles are standing in the way of turning these possibilities into your reality? Let’s collaborate to dismantle these barriers step by step and carve out a trajectory toward reaching these crucial business milestones.

What keeps holding you back?

  • Are you navigating the solitary path of legal practice, weighed down by endless decisions and responsibilities?
  • Contemplating crucial choices about the future of your firm and unsure of which route to take?
  • Keen to delve into your core strengths and weaknesses, and understand how to optimise them to your advantage?
  • Needing more hands on deck but unsure where to start with recruiting?
  • Observing a drop in motivation and efficiency that once powered your legal services?
  • Wanting to reignite the drive and sense of purpose within your legal career?
  • Maybe you're at a standstill, looking for that breakthrough or a fresh perspective in your professional life?
  • Do you have innovative ideas for elevating your firm or client service but need a seasoned, impartial and trusted executive coach to help figure them out?

This is where my business and executive coaching for legal professionals steps in.

In the fast-moving and rigorous realm of the legal industry, it's not uncommon for professionals like lawyers, solicitors, and attorneys to face these challenges. These are barriers that, over time, can affect not just your personal fulfilment as a business owner but also the operational success and expansion of your firm.

How business and executive coaching can help you in the legal industry

As a business and executive coach with a focus on the legal sector, my goal is to guide lawyers, solicitors, attorneys, and legal professionals through the complex landscape of the legal industry. Our collaboration is designed to sharpen your leadership abilities, increase your firm's operational effectiveness, and support your career growth in the challenging yet dynamic legal environment.

Understanding the demands of your schedule, I offer flexible virtual coaching sessions that hone in on aspects essential for a successful legal practice, such as:

  • Personal and Professional Development for Legal Practitioners
  • Leadership Coaching Customised for Law Firm Partners and Owners
  • Business Strategy and Management for Legal Services
  • Career Progression within the Legal Profession

My coaching philosophy sets itself apart from the generic services provided by other business and executive coaches, as I tailor each session to address the distinctive needs of you and your firm. With personalised and non-judgemental advice and strategies, we navigate together the unique pathways and opportunities present in the legal world.

Why should you trust me?

Throughout my career as a self-employed professional, I’ve navigated the full spectrum of experiences that come with managing a business.

With a strong foundation in business studies (DMS & MBA) and five years of specialised training in counselling and psychotherapy (Person-Centred and Transactional Analysis), combined with nearly 40 years of entrepreneurial wins, I bring a depth of understanding to the unique pressures and challenges faced by legal professionals.

As a non-judgmental business coach, I appreciate the particular demands placed on lawyers, solicitors, attorneys, and other legal professionals. My coaching is tailored to harmonise your professional ambitions with your personal goals, offering confidential and expert guidance aimed at mastering the complexities of managing a legal practice. Together, we'll create your own path to professional satisfaction and work-life balance you desire, ensuring your practice not only succeeds but also upholds your standards of service and excellence you are committed to providing to each of your clients.

Reviews from my business and executive coaching clients

Ben Gottlieb. Owner at Gottlieb Law PLC

"I have enjoyed working with Jason Cornes and he is an excellent business coach. As a U.S. business, I was not sure how it would work out with a U.K. business coach, but I couldn’t be happier. Jason has served as a wonderful resource to me and the firm and is always someone I can count on and puts 100% into his clients."

Stuart Long. Solicitor. Dawson Hart Solicitors.

"I highly recommend Jason for anyone that is in a rut and wanting to progress their business further. The discussions/meetings I have had with Jason have been both professional, personable and has given me a completely different perspective as to how I deal with business matters in the future and what I am hoping to achieve in the mid to long term. Jason is a must for anyone in need!"

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Regardless of your proficiency as a lawyer, solicitor, attorney, or legal practitioner, the complexities of your role are unique. You deserve a trusted, non-judgmental, confidential business coaching partnership where you can receive impartial feedback, establish and achieve your professional aspirations, and navigate challenging decisions with the correct support you need.

Let's book a discovery call, familiarise ourselves with one another, and explore the possibility of working together through business and executive coaching tailored for legal professionals.