Business and Executive Coach For Teachers

Whether you’re looking to build your own business or scale your current teaching business, moving from the public sector can have challenges you aren’t prepared for. This is where an experienced and professional business coach is so important.

As a business coach, I offer objective feedback throughout our sessions, but also assist you in setting and achieving meaningful goals, as well as navigating the difficult decisions that come with starting or scaling a business in education.

Are business coaches the answer for teachers and school leaders?

With over 35 years of experience as a business coach, I've helped many teachers and senior leaders starting their own business or scaling an existing one, to navigate the complexities of educational leadership within their own businesses

Whether you are aspiring for more in your professional and personal lives, face challenging decisions, or simply want a transformative change within their business, a business coach is the right partner for you.

Take a look into your potential future

Imagine this: If you could peer into a crystal ball right now and see your time ahead, how different would your world be if you...

  • Found yourself overflowing with self-assurance and self belief?
  • Had honed your leadership and communication skills to perfection?
  • Stood your ground with confidence whilst making decisions with ease?
  • Felt a surge of motivation, a renewed passion for your business?
  • Embraced a career shift or stepped up to a new role within your business with open arms?
  • Or if you took that bold step, backing a new educational initiative?

It's likely that life would look incredibly different if these 'what ifs' become your reality.

So, let me pose the question: What's stopping you from transforming these 'what ifs' into life changing 'whens'?

What is Stopping You?

  • Feeling isolated at your school or tutoring business, overloaded by the weight of challenging decisions and responsibilities?
  • Navigating the unique changes that come with leaving the public sector as a teacher, to creating or growing your own business?
  • Understanding your core strengths and areas for growth, and how to leverage them effectively?
  • Noticing a dip in your business productivity levels, unlike your usual self?
  • Searching for that spark and purpose in life whether it be starting your own business or scaling your current one?
  • Or perhaps you're caught in a standstill, seeking a path to progression?

With all careers, especially in education, we encounter hurdles at one point or another. Yet, it's the way in which we tackle these challenges that will define our paths within our own educational business. When you find yourself at this point, making the right move is so important.

This is where my business coaching for those starting or currently working within their own educational business steps in. Aimed at teachers and headteachers, my coaching sessions provide you with the guidance, strategies, and support needed to navigate the complexities of educational leadership, empowering you to make impactful decisions for yourself and your institution.

How business coaching can work for you

As an executive teaching coach, my focus is on empowering educational leaders like you—to navigate your unique challenges and opportunities, regardless if you are an executive headteacher at a private school, starting your own online business in education or already on your own journey to educational business success in need of assistance.

Our online coaching sessions are scheduled at times that suit you and encompass a range of areas vital to both your professional and personal growth and well being:

  • Professional and Personal Development: Enhance your skills and capacities to benefit your private school or business and personal aspirations.
  • Leadership Coaching: Develop impactful leadership qualities that inspire and drive positive change within your own business.
  • Business Coaching: Navigate the complexities of school management, from budgeting to strategic planning, ensuring success and sustainability.
  • Career Coaching: Plot your career trajectory within the education sector, identifying opportunities for advancement and personal satisfaction.

Differing from other business coaches who team with educational businesses that may rely on a one-size-fits-all approach, I offer bespoke sessions tailored specifically to meet the needs of you and your business. These personalised coaching experiences are designed to provide you with the direction and strategies necessary to flourish as a teacher or headteacher, fostering a positive future for both yourself and your business.

Why trusting a business and executive coach can bring you greater results

Having dedicated my career to self-employment, I've navigated the full spectrum of experiences—the successes and the inevitable challenges.

Now, merging my business qualifications (DMS & MBA) with five years of specialised training in counselling and psychotherapy (Person-Centred and Transactional Analysis) and nearly four decades of business success, I am uniquely positioned to support educators and school leaders.

Some nice words from my coaching clients

Danielle Lloyd – TEA Teaching

"Jason is very professional and has vast experience working with a variety of people and uses different approaches depending on his mentee. I have found him a joy to work with as he really understands me and my business. He goes that extra mile to support and help and I warmly recommend him to anyone looking to grow their business."

Sylvia de Araujo. The School of Learning and Achievement

"Without hesitation, I would recommend Jason as a business coach. I contacted Jason when my business was, and still is in its very early stages. In only a short time, Jason has helped me to see the potential of my business, with his expert advice and wealth of knowledge of upscaling any business. However, not only does Jason, with yourself, look at planning to grow your business, he also understands the importance of having the correct mindset to achieve the goals you want to achieve. Jason’s input is invaluable to myself; as I continue on my journey to entrepreneurship."

Frances Thapen. School Development Ltd

"I've worked with Jason for nearly two years now and I love how fearless I feel in his sessions. He helps me to question all of my assumptions about working in education and helps me to build the business and the lifestyle that I want. My company is set up to support and provide bespoke curriculum services to schools in the UK. When I started working with Jason, I was a self -employed consultant working on my own and I now run a small agency with up to 10 consultants working remotely, partnering specialist consultants with classroom teachers. I'm really looking forward to our next session because since I last saw Jason a couple of weeks ago, I've decided to set up an app to serve my schools even better and by the time I meet him next week, I'll have got the first draft almost completed. It's looking really good and it's going to open a whole extra service channel for me to be able to bring the work that we do to more schools. One of the parts I loved most about working with Jason was that in our first session, he identified a part of my character that I hadn't really noticed before, that I was much more suited to working as a consultant within an agency. That insight helped me to develop a business which matched my personality better, that helped me to find a way of working that could bring out my strengths rather than fit into a mould."

Ready to achieve professional growth?

While we may not have a crystal ball to predict what lies ahead for your business, I can't specify exactly how your educational business might transform if you embrace new teaching methods, awaken each day brimming with confidence and joy, or significantly enhance the performance of your school or tutoring business. However, one thing is crystal clear:

If we continue to resist change, nothing will evolve.

It's remarkable how much we can accomplish together when we utilise the power of coaching to concentrate and reflect on your true aspirations within the education sector.

With everything to gain and nothing to lose, why not schedule an introductory call with me? Let's explore the possibilities that await you and your career.

Book a call today

Let's chat, get to know each other and see if there's a way for us to work together with some business coaching for teachers and headteachers.

P.S. Remember, no matter how good you are in your role, you know full well that you can't do it alone. You need a trusted executive coaching partner who can provide objective feedback, help you set and accomplish goals, and help you make tough decisions.